Welcome to the PLENK 2010 blog

Welcome to the #PLENK2010 blog. This blog is one of the tools that will be available to you in your communication and collaboration with others around the globe. It will also be one of the tools the facilitators, Stephen Downes, George Siemens, Dave Cormier and me, Rita Kop, will use to let you know new developments in the course, or any particular insights we have had about Personal Learning Environments Networks and Knowledge throughout the ten weeks of the course.

Stephen Downes has posted a video in the Moodle general discussion forum to explain to you how you can set up your own blog and how you can ensure that the course aggregator, Grsshopper, will pick up your thoughts and communications.

In the recordings section of the course wiki you can already find the first Elluminate recording of the introductory session, so if you missed attending Friday’s session, or if you miss any future ones, because of time issues for instance, you can always find the course recordings there.

By Monday you will receive the course Daily that will distribute to you all blog posts, Twitter messages and other artifacts that have been posted using the #PLENK2010 tag. It will also provide you with the resources and readings for the week.

If that’s not enough for you; throughout the course you’ll find out other environments in which participants are setting up and distributing information and artifacts. Over 900 people have enrolled so far, so it will be fun!

Watch this space!