Welcome To Critical Literacies?

About 15 years ago I realized two things. First, I realized I needed to prove that it was possible to offer a worthwhile course online. My colleagues at Assiniboine weren’t convinced. Second, I realized that people learning online would need a good foundational knowledge of critical thinking.

So what I did was to post something called Stephen’s Guide to the Logical Fallacies. Over the years, it has been my most popular work – much more popular than anything I’ve done in online learning. You can find it here, in its relatively new home. I keep meaning to update it (and, in fact, I’ve just assembled the whole thing into a document).

This course in critical literacies builds on and expands that idea. It is at once a demonstration of a possibility of online learning, this time a connectivism course. And it is an attempt to articulate and demonstrate those critical thinking capacities that are needed in a new electronic multimedia world.

There’s a lot more to come…


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  2. I wonder why the moodle discussion forum has not been opened up for week 2 discussions. Is this just an oversite?

    And why doesn’t the daily feature any blog writings?

  3. The Moodle discussion thing is an oversight and should be fixed as of today.

    The Daily starts slowly, so as not to overwhelm people at the start of the course. Also, I had an odd subscription issue that I had to fix first. Now people have been given instructions on how to have their stuff harvested, we’ll be seeing content in the Daily.

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